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Phone answering and employee check-in solutions, available 24/7.

Telephone answering and lone worker check‑in services

Ensure your business is always presented well and that your lone/remote workers are safe.

Curtis-Elite Security provides professional 24/7 telephone answering and WorkSafeBC check-in services to businesses right across Northern BC.

Telephone answering services

Because missed customer calls means missed opportunities! Ensure your business is always presented professionally and prevent customer disappointment.

Every missed call to your business is a missed opportunity for growth! That’s why Curtis-Elite offers complete telephone answering services tailored to your business’s specific needs. We’ll follow your exact instructions as to how you’d like us to answer your business line (both after hours and within normal open hours if desired) and what information you’d like us to communicate to your customers.

Your customers will always get to speak to a live person – never a machine – any time they call. Our pleasant and professional operators are on the line 24/7, every day of the year. No matter when your customers call, they’ll be greeted courteously and their inquiries/messages accurately recorded. Messages received can then be relayed to you by text, e-mail or fax – whenever and however often you choose to receive them.

Telephone answering services involve a base monthly rate, plus per-call charges that are based on call volumes. Contact us for a FREE cost estimate!

You’ll get:

  • A dedicated unique phone number, with real people answering your customers’ calls on your behalf – 24/7, every day;
  • Unique scripted communications that define your business – delivered by courteous operators; and
  • Accurate recording and relaying of your customers’ messages to you, as often as you wish.

WorkSafeBC check-in services

A safety solution for employers that have workers who operate remotely and/or alone. BC’s Occupational Health & Safety Regulation (OHSR) requires that employers with staff that work alone or in remote situations have formal procedures in place to minimize hazards faced by those workers AND a way to check on their well-being while on the job.

Section 4.21 of the OHSR outlines the requirements for checking on the well-being of workers assigned to work in circumstances where assistance would not be readily available to them in case of an emergency, or in case they are injured or become ill.

Checking on a worker’s well-being must include time intervals between checks and a procedure to follow if the worker cannot be contacted, including provisions for emergency rescue. A person must also be designated to establish contact with the worker at predetermined intervals and those results must be recorded. Check methods include visual or two-way voice contact, but where such a system is not practicable, a one-way system which allows the worker to call or signal for help (and which will send a request for help) is acceptable.

With our skilled operators and our 24/7 availability, Curtis-Elite will provide you with the communication procedures needed to support your lone workers and meet your legal requirements. We’ll make sure your lone workers feel secure knowing that assistance will be on the way should something unfortunate occur.

Check-in services involve a base monthly rate, plus per-call charges that are based on check-in call volumes. Contact us for a FREE cost estimate!

You’ll get:

  • An effective way to safeguard your lone workers and meet OHSR requirements;
  • A dedicated unique phone number for your lone workers to call or signal, with real people answering and recording all their check-ins – 24/7/365; and
  • Adherence to your specific instructions regarding your check-in procedures, timing intervals, and response parameters (what we do when a check-in does or doesn’t occur).

We’ll give you a free estimate anytime.

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