A commercial customer in Prince George was suffering 5-figure losses due to repeated material thefts from their outdoor compounds, and traditional security approaches were not able to prevent these losses. Video verification changed all that!

A video verification system was installed by Curtis-Elite in October 2015 and since then 3 more thefts have been attempted. Each time the intrusions were immediately confirmed and the RCMP were on site within minutes and able to arrest the intruders.


We’d like to acknowledge the amazing response the Prince George RCMP have delivered. When provided with new tools like video verification they’re able to do their jobs more effectively and the results speak for themselves: 3 break-ins, 3 on site arrests, 0 losses, 100% customer satisfaction, and the customer’s investment in a video verification system essentially paid for itself within 30 days!

See how it worked in this short video…

Video verification is an advanced, active security solution available for the first time in Canada through a few select companies like Curtis-Elite Security. With video verification you get instant notification if an intruder is detected. Intruder alerts can be immediately verified by video to see if there is actual criminal activity or if it’s just a false alarm.

Sites secured with video verification get immediate law enforcement alarm response due to the known presence of criminal activity. This allows for police dispatch while the incident is still in progress and significantly increases the chances of catching the perpetrators.

Video verification works by “pairing” security devices like motion detectors with cameras that immediately capture and transmit video clips through the cloud to Curtis-Elite’s monitoring station (and your smartphone) of exactly what has triggered an alarm.

Based on this instant “eyewitness”, Curtis-Elite operators dispatch police to a verified “crime in progress” instead of a standard alarm. The triggered camera can continue to be viewed live by Curtis-Elite operators for the duration of the alarm event. This allows them to update police responders about what’s happening on site while they’re en route. Recorded video clips can also be retained for evidence purposes.

Instant notification combined with priority response results in apprehensions and greater security. So don’t watch the crime later… you can prevent it from ever taking place with video verification!

Talk with a Curtis-Elite sales rep to see if video verification is appropriate for your business.

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