New security technology hasn’t been very green… until now!

So, you have an older but perfectly good hardwired security alarm system installed in your home. Everyone in your family is used to it and familiar with it. It’s been a rock-solid, reliable alarm system built by a brand-name manufacturer like DSC, Honeywell, or First Alert.

But you’ve decided that you would like to have an app for your smartphone to arm or disarm the alarm system remotely. You would also like to receive push notifications from your alarm system such as when your kids get home each day. You’ve also decided to get rid of your current landline. Maybe you would also like to have some “smart home” features like remote door locks, thermostat control, lighting, and remote video events and control.

So you call up your security provider and tell them what you would like to do. The first thing they tell you is that “old faithful” has to go… you’ll need to replace it with an alarm system that was designed specifically to communicate over the Internet or cellular network. This is not only a very costly proposition but a very wasteful one as well, because a perfectly good alarm system finds its way to a recycler or landfill!

But that was then…

Now, alarm companies like Curtis-Elite can add a small, inexpensive module that breathes new life and capabilities into your dependable old alarm system. There is NO need to replace anything!

Our System Enhancement Module [SEM] opens up the cellular network so your older alarm system can now communicate without a phone line. The module also enables us to offer you our custom app that gives you amazing remote control of your old alarm system via your smartphone or tablet. Plus, all the smart home automation functions that a modern new alarm system would typically include are made available to your older system and are fully controllable through our app.

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