Instead of reacting to an incident it’s more effective to take action before anything happens. One such preventative measure you can take is upgrading your home to become a Smart Home.

Not only does a Smart Home give you a better quality of life, it also improves your ability to protect your home. By connecting you to your house at all times, you can keep an eye on many of the systems within the house while you are out.

What is a ‘Smart Home’?

Simply put, a Smart Home involves upgrading the devices in your home so they are connected to your phone and computer to give you greater security and quality of life. This gives you the ability to control and monitor what’s going on in your home whenever you want, wherever you are.

Systems like your lighting, locks and thermostat are all examples of what you can control from your phone and computer.

Ever had someone ask to pick something up while you were out running errands? You can unlock the door and turn the lights on for them, then lock up and turn the lights off when they leave. If you have a camera set up, you can monitor the entire process instead of waiting for the ‘Okay, got it!’ message.

Benefits of being connected to your home

In general, it’s much easier to click a couple buttons on your phone than walking around your entire house to check the lights, locks and thermostat.

Instead of finding out about an issue when you get home, like a break-in or temperature issue, get alerts on your phone when something is out of the norm. Alerts will help you react to an issue instantly.

This freedom to control your home from wherever you are also means that if you think you forgot to lock up, you can just check your phone instead of running all the way back home. Want a warm house before you get home from work? Not a problem. Adjust the thermostat before you leave work and your home will be warm and waiting for you.

How we can help

With our home security packages, our mobile app for iOS or Android smart devices is included. This app gives you total remote control of your home, allowing you to arm and disarm your security system, turn lights on and off or even adjust your thermostat on the go.

A typical alarm package from Curtis-Elite Security includes a graphic touchscreen alarm panel with a battery backup, a built-in camera, built-in glassbreak detector, and built-in siren, along with two wireless pet-immune motion detectors and three wireless door and window contacts. For more information on the various types of equipment available, please click here.

It’s important to stay up-to-date on the status of your home. Alerts will inform you of issues and the convenient controls will give you more security and a better quality of life. For Smart Home integration in Northern BC, contact Curtis-Elite today!

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