There’s a lot to keep track of when running a business, and having an access control system will help you stay organized and safe. Workers are coming and going, people are visiting your business and you have valuable information in your office that you want to keep safe.

Secure information

Every business has sensitive information that needs to be protected. With an access control system, you can keep everything protected. With the recorded entry feature, you will be able to see who came into the office and when.

Feel like you’ve got too many keys? No problem. An access control system is keyless — that alone sounds quite appealing. This also increases security for your office and business from outside sources since there’s no keyholes to pick.

Levels of access

An access control system allows you can create various ‘levels’ of access. This gives you plenty of control over knowing who can access what at any given moment.

Separating your employees into access groups will give you peace of mind in keeping sensitive information safe and physical business areas protected from unauthorized entry. Each department will clearly know their parameters and limits, which increases the efficiency and safety of your company and its employees.

Increased security

Attempts to break into your business will be minimized because of how much more difficult it is to circumvent an access control system. Copying a card or code to enter is a lot harder to do than simply copying a key.

If a code needs to be removed from the access list, this can be done at the drop of a hat with our 24/7 alarm operators.

Access control systems provide you with the ability to:

  • Monitor employee access in and out of the building;
  • Limit individuals access to specific areas and/or time periods;
  • Automate schedules (lock and unlock doors, elevators and gates on specific dates and time periods);
  • Create temporary access without the risk of having to give out keys;
  • Control access for multiple buildings from a centralized point; and
  • Deactivate lost or stolen cards/fobs without having to re-key locks.

Simply put, it’s easy to use and you can use your phone to monitor access to everything, 24/7. You can reduce vulnerabilities, gain new powers of oversight, and never have to worry about physical key-related issues again!

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