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The benefits of an access control system for your business

There’s a lot to keep track of when running a business, and a keyless access control system can help you stay organized and safe. You can track employee access in and out 24/7, limit individuals access to specific business areas and/or times, automate schedules to lock and unlock doors on specific dates and times, create temporary access without the need for keys, and much, much more. It’s convenient, powerful, and you’ll never have to worry about key-related issues again.

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How an integrated ‘Smart Home’ can improve your security

Instead of reacting to an incident it’s better to take action before anything happens. One such preventative measure you can take is upgrading your home to become a Smart Home. A Smart Home can give you a better quality of life while improving your home protection. By connecting you to your house at all times, you can monitor and control many of the systems within your house even when you’re not there.

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Video Verification Results in Arrests

A commercial customer in Prince George was suffering 5-figure losses from repeated material thefts from their outdoor compounds. Traditional security approaches were not able to prevent these losses. Curtis-Elite’s new Video Verification solution has changed that!

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Common Home Security Questions

See answers to common questions like: “How much does a home security system and/or alarm monitoring cost?”; “What’s included in an alarm system package?”; “What happens when my alarm system goes off?”; “How do I test my alarm system?”; and “What is a ‘Connected Home’ anyways?”

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